Jane Darvell

Jane Darvell
Jane played almost until the very last day of his life. Talent actress Jane Darvell is still in the memory of movie fans the past years as well — in the form of a star — on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Jane Darvell, nee Patti Woodard was born October 15 in 1879 in Palmyra, Missouri. As a teenager, she dreamed of the circus, but this desire resisted her father. However, the passion of the performances had not abated, and she decided to pursue an acting career. Play it started first on the scene in Chicago theaters. And then to the movies.

Her film debut was in 1913. In the next two years, Jane is totally committed to film. During that time, she has appeared in over twenty films. However, after that it returns to the theater.

After 15 years of theatrical career Jane reappeared in Hollywood. The second round begins her film career film "Tom Sawyer." She gets the role of housewives and mothers of the main characters, the elderly aunts and grandmothers.

In 1940, Jane becomes the owner of the "Oscar" for "Best Supporting Actress" for her role as mother Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath." In all his long career she played in nearly two hundred films and literally did not leave the screen from the early thirties to early fifties of the last century.

Jane Darvell died of a heart attack August 13 in 1967 at his home in suburban Los Angeles at the age of 87 years.