Felix Wankel

Felix Wankel
His name is known throughout the world thanks to the development of internal combustion engine. Much of the equipment "General Motors", "Nusqvarna", "Daimler-Benz" initially worked with the internal combustion engine Wankel. And today the invention Wankel used by many companies from around the world.

Felix Wankel was born 13 August in 1902 in Lahr (Germany). His father was killed in the First World War. The boy was forced to leave school and get a job in a bookstore. Through this work, he was able to study literature. Also attracted him most literature technical focus.

In 1924, Wankel opened his own small shop. In 1936, he received a patent for his invention — a rotary motor DKM-32. A little later, Felix has organized an entire research laboratory, except where he has successfully designed a motor rotary compressor and pump.

During the Second World War, the inventor has collaborated with the Japanese firm "Hitachi", which is engaged in the production of electric motors. By working together, we created several models of high-speed aircraft. But after the war ended abruptly cooperation.

Worldwide fame brought him to Felix Wankel NSU-Ro80. In the years 1959-1970 Wankel patents acquired all of the western world's largest automakers.

Felix Wankel died October 9 in 1988 in Heidelberg.

Since 2007, the car with a Wankel rotary engine design and Freud made only under the name "Mazda".