Fyodor I Ivanovich

Tsar Fyodor I Ivanovich
Fyodor I Ivanovich, the third son of and Queen Anastasia Romanovna, and the last of the Rurik dynasty, was born in Moscow (11) {day-5-20} 20 May {/ day 1557}.

lost his mother, he was resettled with his elder brother, Prince Ivan, from the "top" royal mansion on 'individuality' yard in 1560. In 1563, I will have met on approach in the village Krylatskom father, triumphantly returning from Livonia. He lived with his father and oprichniki in Alexandrova Sloboda (now Alexandrov, the county town of Vladimir province).

According to the testimony of contemporary foreigners (Taube and Kruse) was intended heir oprichnina half of the Russian Empire. Was with his father in the Livonian campaign in autumn 1572. Was listed among the candidates for the Polish throne in 1573, 1576 and 1577. Married in 1580 to Irina Fedorovna Godunov.

After the death of his father to the throne {day-3-19} 19 March {/ day} and crowned May 31 in 1584.

Most historians believe that Fedor was not able to state activities. He was not strong, and took little part in the government, under the tutelage of first council of nobles, and then his brother-. Dubbed the Blessed, in some views, he was weak and the mind.

So Godunov in 1587 was virtually the sole ruler of the state, and after the death of Theodore became his successor. The position of Boris Godunov at the royal court was so significant that overseas diplomats sought an audience that is Boris Godunov, his will was law. Fedor was king, Boris ran — it was known and in Russia and abroad.

Yet it was during the reign of Fyodor Ivanovich I began construction of the city of Arkhangelsk in 1585, taking the oath of allegiance to the king of the Iberian (Georgian) Alexander laid the White City in Moscow in 1586. Feodor I gave the British the right to free trade in the Russian land, and he named the capital of the newly built Tobolsk in Siberia in 1587.

His reign was founded patriarchate in Russia, January 26, 1589 is dedicated to the first patriarch Job, the Metropolitan of Moscow.

Fedor finished case of the murder of Tsarevich Dmitry in Uglich postrizhenii mother tsarevichevoy and link all its kin. Indifferently watched from their towers on the seething below the battle of Moscow, Boris Godunov Kaey Crimean Giray. According to achieve victory have to build on the current site of the battle of the Don monastery in 1591.

It Fedor forbade peasants to move from one landlord to another (St. George's Day) in 1590. He established friendships with Abbas, Shah of Persia, in 1594, sent the regiment fought in Dagestan in 1595, laid the stone fortifications of Smolensk in 1596.

I Died Fedor Ivanovich in Moscow (7) on January 17 in 1598. His body was buried at Moscow's Cathedral of the Archangel. Fyodor Ivanovich died without issue, and with his death stopped the Rurik dynasty on the royal throne in Moscow.

Veneration of the blessed King began soon after his death, today Russian Orthodox Church honors his memory 20 January.