Oleg Strizhenov

Oleg Strizhenov
Oleg Strizhenov born on August 10 in 1929 in the city of Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, in a military family. The older brother Boris, a lieutenant of the Soviet army, fighter pilot, died at Stalingrad in 1942. — famous actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

In 1953, after graduating from Drama School BV Shchukin became an actor Oleg Strizhenov State Russian Drama Theatre in Tallinn. Theatre where he played the role Neznamova in the play "Guilty Without Guilt" — this role thereafter for 10 years, he played with great success at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.

debut in the movie had a major role in the film "The Gadfly" ("thumbnail", 1955, directed by A. Faintsimmer). Oleg Strizhenov played Arthur with a temperament and dedication that has become obvious in our cinema has a new major actor happily combines natural talent, strength and experience of the Russian school of acting with perfect external data western star.

This success actor secured by playing the movie VP Kaplunovsky "Mexican" (1955), where in addition to a dramatic way and showed excellent physical condition. The next film was "The Forty-First" (1956) GN Chuhraja. Strizhenov extremely accurately embodied the complex inner world of a white officer. His Govorukha-servant — educated, cultured man who truly loves Russia, but tragically unable to help her in a bloody feud. For this role, he was recognized as the best actor of the year.

Filming in the 'Forty-first "became an actor a great experience — and professional, and life. With this film in his work began line "duality" of heroes — such as the dreamer in "White Nights" by Fyodor Dostoevsky (1959, directed by ), Hermann in "The Queen of Spades," PI Tchaikovsky (1960, directed by Tikhomirov, RI), a novel Laevsky AP Chekhov's "The Duel" (1961, directed by TN Berezantseva LS and mine), four of a kind "Shares" (1987, directed by V. Shamshurin).

desire to show multiple incarnations of the same character, its ambiguity led Strizhenova to participate in the fantasy comedy IS Olynvangera "His name was Robert" (1967). In this film Strizhenov played the role of the robot and the young scientist. He was interested to play two different and complex roles without make-up. In fact, it was the first science fiction film in our film, not counting the silent film. At the VI International Film Festival in Trieste (Italy) Strizhenov won the main prize "Silver Asteroid" for best male lead.

Strizhenov In 1956, he was invited to the role of Nikitin in the first joint Soviet-Indian film "Walking Beyond Three Seas "(1957, directed by V. Pronin and HA Abbas, at the Indian box office -" Stranger ").

He has played in more than three dozen movie roles, each of which has been seen by critics and loved by the audience. In 1988 Oleg Strizhenova given knowledge of the People's Artist of the USSR.