Alexander Blok

Alexander Blok
Alexander Blok was born (16) November 28 in 1880 in St. Petersburg, the son of a professor of philosophy and law. Education of boys engaged grandfather, the famous botanist AN Beketov. Almost all childhood Sasha lived on his estate under the wedge. For five years, Alexander began to write poetry. They say poetic talent he inherited from his father.

After high school unit enters the St. Petersburg University Faculty of Law, then transferred to the philological. His first poem cycle "of initiations" the poet lets out a student days in the magazine "New Way".

Then follow the "Poems of a lovely lady," written under the influence of the ideas of the 19th century philosopher Vladimir Solovyov about waiting for the world of the Eternal Feminine. In 1903, he married the daughter of a unit known chemist .

The second book of poems published in the period of 1904-1908 years. Topic Russian and experiences about the fate of the people is reflected in the work of the poet — in the collections "Motherland", "The Field of Kulikovo", "Earth in the snow" in the poems "Scythians", "Edge of Darkness." During this period the unit was editor of criticism in the journal "The Golden Fleece" and headed the school of symbolism.

The most famous work of Alexander Blok — the poem "Twelve", written in 1918 after a two year hiatus.

He died a famous poet Alexander Blok August 7 in 1921 in Petrograd.