Franz Lefort

Franz Lefort
Ya Franz Lefort was born on January 2 in 1656 in Geneva, the son of a merchant. He studied at the Collegium, and then went to Marseilles, to learn the trade. But trade is not attracted to him, and contrary to the will of the parent Franz Lefort moved to Holland to begin a military career.

Soon, received the rank of captain, he went to Russia, which actually became his second home. He learned the Russian language, married a Russian girl. After some time, Lefort was promoted to Major, and then — colonel.

Since 1689 Lefort became friendly with the young king and became one of the closest people to him. Lefort received a variety of gifts and other favors from the king, took part in all its affairs.

Azov campaigns of 1695 and 1696 years were prepared and carried out with the direct participation of Lefort. After the first campaign Lefort was promoted to admiral, and after capture of Azov, he was awarded the title of governor of Novgorod, a gold medal and a sable coat.

Formally, he led the Great Embassy, ??directed by Peter I in Europe. Lefort held various purchases and hiring of foreigners in the Russian service.

Shortly after his return to Russia, 12 March in 1699, Franz Lefort died in Moscow. Peter is very grieved over the loss of his faithful friend and companion.

name Lefort named district in Moscow (Lefortovo).