Constantin Stanislavski

Konstantin Stanislavsky
Konstantin Stanislavsky (his real name Alexeev) — actor, director, teacher and creator of the actor's art, which bears his name — the Stanislavsky system.

He was born in Moscow (5) on January 17 in 1863 in the family of a wealthy industrialist Alekseev, who was related to the Mamontov and Tretyakov. Talent Stanislavsky got it from a French grandmother, who was a famous actress in Paris.

First Constantine made on the home scene, preparing for a career of opera singer. In 1898, he teamed up with founded the Moscow Art Theatre. The success of the theater came after meeting with its founder, AP Chekhov. "The Seagull", "Uncle Vanya", "Three Sisters", "The Cherry Orchard" — these are the best performances of the theater.

In the early 20th century, Stanislavski started developing his system of acting. He created the science of the artist's work, formulated the laws of the behavior of the actor on the stage. The main thing Stanislavski believed — is to create the illusion of a live stage reality. And on the stage there are no small roles, just as in every human life is valuable.

Stanislavski — the author of "An Actor on themselves" and "My Life in Art," which is in honor of the actors and today.

Died Konstantin Stanislavsky August 7 in 1938 from heart failure.

The wife of the Moscow Art Theatre of Stanislavsky was an actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR Maria Petrovna Lilina (Perevoshchikova). Their daughter — Kira Alekseev-Falk has long been a director of the memorial museum, which opened in 1948 in the house where he lived Stanislavsky.