Nikolai Nosov

Nikolai Nosov
Nikolai Nosov was born November 23 in 1908 in Kiev. In his younger years has tried a variety of activities: there was a digger, cleaver, carter logs trader newspapers. He proved himself as an inquisitive and active person, interested in amateur radio, electrical engineering, photography. Studied music, singing and playing chess.

In 19 years, comes to the Kiev Art Institute, but two years later transferred to the Moscow Institute of Cinematography. After graduation, Nosov has been a director of educational films for the Red Army, was awarded for this activity in 1943, the Order of the Red Star.

He is known as a director of many popular science and children's cartoons. In 1938, the publication of his first story for children "Swindlers".

During World War II, he took off his training film for the tank, for which later received the State Prize.

Later, he writes a lot for the children's magazine "Murzilka." In 1945 he published the first collection of Nosov "Tuk-tuk-tuk", which includes stories, "Swindlers", "Living hat", "cucumber", "Wonderful pants", "Mishkin porridge", "Ogorodniki."

In 1949, he published his first novel for young generation, "Funny family." The genre continued to "Diary of Koli Sinitsyna", "Victor Maleev at school and at home."

In 1952, for his literary career Nosov was awarded the Stalin Prize. Popular love enjoyed his trilogy of tales about Dunno, "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends", "Dunno in Sun City," "Dunno on the Moon." In 1969, the author was awarded the State Prize for her RSFSR. NK.

In later years go autobiographical works of the writer: "The story of my friend Igor" and "The Mystery at the bottom of the well».

Nikolai Nosov died in Moscow July 26 in 1976. He was buried at the cemetery in Moscow Kuntsevsky.

Taken on several film scripts for feature films Nosov, "Old Boy", "Dreamers", "Two Friends," "The Adventures of Koli Klyukvin." In 1997 was created the cartoon "Dunno on the Moon."

In 2008, the 100th anniversary of the birth of N.N.Nosova Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued a silver coin.