Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock was born July 26 in 1964 in Nuremberg (Germany). Up to 12 years she lived in Germany with his mother, a German opera singer Helga Meyer. Then moved to his father in America. In 1988, Sandra enrolled in acting classes. After 2 years, she got her first role in the television series "A working girl." In addition starred in the crowd.

In 1991, came to her first success — Sandra Bullock starred in the film "Love Potion 9". In the movie "The Destroyer", she played with the .

But the real success came to the actress after she played a major role in the thriller "Speed", which became a hit the world rolled. Her co-star was , who, like Sandra Bullock, became a superstar after this film.

In subsequent years, Bullock starred in the romantic comedy "While You Were Sleeping," the thriller "Network," in which did not have great commercial success the film "Two of the sea". The film "Speed ??2" also proved unsuccessful.

In 1996, Sandra Bullock starred in the movie "A Time to Kill", which tells about the racial conflicts in the South America. The film became very popular not only in the United States. Role Sandra was small, but was seen and received by critics.

Bullock subsequently founded his own production company. In 2000, actress-produced film "Miss Congeniality" actress has returned to its former glory. The film, which Bullock has successfully demonstrated his comedic talent, was a success at the box office.

low-budget drama "Crash" director Paul Haggis, in which Sandra has acted as an actress and producer, brought the three creators of the award "Oscar", including for best picture of 2005. And in 2010, Bullock became the owner of "Oscar" and the "Golden Globe" in the "Best Actress" for her role in "The Blind SideĀ».

Today Sandra Bullock continues to be actively removed.