Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw was born July 26 in 1856 in Dublin (Ireland). Since childhood, I read a lot, was fascinated by books Charles Dickens, , D.Benyana, the Bible, the Arab tales "Thousand and One Nights."

Shaw is a young man decided to become a writer, but his first manuscript did not find a publisher. The writer was engaged in self-education, visiting the reading room of the British Museum. Subsequently, Shaw worked as a freelance reporter and music critic.

Bernard Shaw wrote plays, reviews, acted as a soapbox orator. In 1889, he published a collection of his plays "The plays pleasant and unpleasant," which consisted of "Candida", "Chosen Destiny", "The House of a widower", "Heartbreaker" ... One of these plays, "Mrs. Warren's Profession," was staged in 1902, but was soon banned by the censor. Only delivered in America R.Mansfildom "The Devil's Disciple" was a success with the public.

In 1899, Shaw wrote the play "Caesar and Cleopatra" and "Message from Captain Brasbaunda." In 1904, the London-based theater "Court" took a number of plays staged show — "Live — see", "Other Island John Bull," "Man and Superman," "Major Barbara," "The physician in a dilemma," productions which were a great success and fame brought Bernard Shaw talented playwright.

During the First World War, Shaw finished the play "The House Heartbreak" (1921). And in 1924, has earned worldwide recognition drama "St. John».

In 1925, Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, but the writer refused to receive it. He traveled a lot — visited the United States, Soviet Union, South Africa, India, New Zealand. At the age of ninety-two years old, he wrote his last play "Billions Bayanta" (1949).

Bernard Shaw died in Eyot St Lawrence November 2 1950 .