Michael Zoschenko

Mikhail Zoschenko
Prose Michael Zoschenko was not appreciated by his contemporaries, although from satire, a large number of published Soviet magazines, his stories were different inner drama, laughter through tears.

Mikhail Zoschenko born (July 29) 10 August in 1895 in St. Petersburg, in a creative family. His father was an artist, the Wanderers, his mother was an actress before her marriage, she wrote short stories.

In 1913, Michael graduated from high school in St. Petersburg. All the youth Zoschenko spent on the war — first the First World War, then civil. Revolution and the coming to power of the Bolsheviks Zoschenko greeted enthusiastically. All of the early 20th century, he fancied a time of decline. Did not do it for exceptions and literature of the era. Of all the poets recognized only and , and of the writers only .

On the advice of the latter in the "Blue Book", he tried to show the socialist era as a time of celebration cherished ideals, prejudices and the end of the victory of good over evil. In this book he published only bright and optimistic stories, without the tragic overtones.

At the same time, he worked on the story "Before Sunrise", which was written under the impression of the work in 1958. Bury the writer on the Volkov cemetery among the literati banned — he is buried in the cemetery Sestroretsky near St. Petersburg. However, many have loved and read his stories.

In his works filmed several movies, including comedy «It can not be!».