Yuri Annenkov

Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov (Self-Portrait, 1910)
Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov was born (11) July 23 in 1889 in Petropavlovsk. In 1894, the family moved to St. Petersburg Annenkov. Yuri was in the 12th St. Petersburg public secondary school, from which he was expelled for drawing political cartoons. In 1906 he began teaching at a private school the column.
Illustration to the poem Block "Twelve"
In 1908, Annenkov entered the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, in parallel continuing occupation of painting. In 1909, the budding artist tried to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, but he did not succeed. He goes to study in the studio of JF Tsionglinskogo and attends the School of Technical Drawing of Baron AD Stieglitz.

In 1913 began a long-term cooperation with magazines Annenkov "Theatre and Art" and "Satyricon". It creates a lot of figures, such as the poem "Twelve┬╗ AA (1918). In addition, the artist worked on the design plays in the theaters of St. Petersburg.
Portrait of Anna Akhmatova (1921)
Yuri Annenkov worked with many well-known directors of the time: KS, VE, FF Komisarjevsky, NF Baliev, NV Petrov. He was friends with 474 EI and IE.

In 1924, after the death of Vladimir Lenin Annenkov won a competition to create a portrait of the leader for products Goznaka. A portrait of Lenin, who was also depicted on postage stamps, artist executed in oils on the outline of 1921.

Annenkov was the perfect portrait artist, who created the wonderful portraits AA, FK Sologub, KI, VV, LD, AV.
portrait photographer and artist M.Sherlinga (1918)
In 1924, Annenkov went to Italy and remained in Europe. He settled in Paris, studied stagecraft for French theaters. In addition, the artist spent his solo exhibitions, as well as creating sets and costumes for films.

Under the pseudonym Boris Annenkov Temiryazev published his memories of , Blok, Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Pasternak, etc.

Yuri Annenkov died 12 July in 1974 in Paris.