Charles Rolls

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce (Rolls- Royce Motor Cars Ltd)
Charles Stewart Rolls — the youngest of four children of a wealthy landlord, Colonel John Rolls, Baron Langatoka — was born in London on August 27 in 1877.

He was educated at the prestigious British schools — Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge University. He was very passionate about the achievements of technical progress in motor vehicles and aircraft, which was quite normal for a young man passions from a wealthy family. Charles Rolls ever raced on a variety of modern standards and often unimaginable machines. Accelerate the car to 30 miles per hour, he set the first national speed record.

Soon he needed more money to fund his expensive hobbies, and he started a company to sell cars. Unfortunately, almost all the cars that he had to sell, were imported. As an aristocrat and his patriot, this situation could not stand. That all changed when he met Henry Royce, a talented engineer and designer. Thus was the legendary Rolls-Royce.

However, the main passion of Charles remained race. In choosing a vehicle he was not limited to cars, he was also one of the first balloonists. His feat of the glory of his country became famous flight across the English Channel. By the time the English Channel already flew and not just once, but only in one direction. Rolls makes a flight across the English Channel and back non-stop in just 90 minutes. For this he received the personal attention of the royal family and a medal from the Royal Aero Club.

But Rolls has always been a little progress, it is his undoing. Just over a month later, he took part in the competition for the precision landing on biplanes. Two days before he set a new steering wheels on the car and did not bother to check everything before leaving. His biplane broke up in the air and along with the pilot crashed to the ground on July 12 in 1910. Rolls became the first Briton killed in a plane crash.