Erasmus holds a special place in history. First scientist and writer was an influence and fame. No one before him had been so popular. And after so famous was the only . The most powerful rulers of the most famous scientists considered it an honor to be in correspondence with him. When he arrived in any city, he arranged the red carpet, which was not awarded sometimes sovereigns. It was all the more surprising that the journey of life of Rotterdam began as an illegitimate orphan, an outcast of society.

Erasmus was born October 28 in 1469 in Gouda, near Rotterdam. His parents were not married. In his youth, he was forced to leave the monastery. But life in the monastery seemed to Erasmus boring and atrocious manners of monks. But he had plenty of time to study classical languages ??and literature.

Soon talented and has an outstanding knowledge of the young man found himself a wealthy patrons, and with it the road from the monastery. Nowhere else it will not stay too long. Whole future life of Erasmus was in constant travel.

Activities of Rotterdam was very diverse. He collected manuscripts of classical authors and their publishers involved, the first to use scientific methods to theology, paved the way for the reformation of the church, and taught theology at the university. In addition, he was the author of his own literary works. His "Praise of Folly" represents a parody of the then popular eulogy. The author has allowed itself to praise ourselves silly. Many of his satirical tone is different. Erasmus almost never laughed evil, he's just good-fun of the imperfections of people.

Rotterdam popular among many rulers. All they wanted to get away from it wise guidance. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, granted him the rank of "royal advisor", which, incidentally, is not obliged to give advice Erasmus and generally be in the court. He continued to travel almost to death.

Erasmus died in Basel on the night on July 12 in 1536.