Alexander Romanov

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna
Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (Princess Charlotte of Prussia, wife of Emperor Nicholas) born (1) on July 12 in 1798 in Potsdam (Prussia). Already in his early youth princess different beauty and charm. In 1814 in Prussia Nicholas, the younger brother of Emperor Russia Alexander, the third of four sons of Paul I, met and fell in love with the young daughter of King Frederick William III of Charlotte.
November 4 {/ day} in 1815 in Berlin, during the dinner was announced the engagement of Princess Charlotte and the Russian Tsar's brother — Prince and Grand Duke Nicholas. The wedding took place (1) 12 July in 1817, the birthday of a young princess in the Church of the Winter Palace. Charlotte of Prussia converted to Orthodoxy and was baptized with a new name — Alexandra. This marriage strengthened the political union of Russia and Prussia.

In this happy family podilos seven children. The first-born of Nicholas and Alexandra Feodorovna later became Emperor of Russia . Beautiful and elegant Alexander liking Russian Court. With great sympathy for her attitude AS and , a German princess who taught Russian language.

In 1825 Nicholas I ascends to the throne and the Empress becomes Empress of Russia.

She was not enviable health, doctors suspected she had tuberculosis. Yet she survived her husband, who died in 1855 during the influenza epidemic. After the death of Nicholas I, the Empress Dowager Empress bore the title.

(October 20) November 1 in 1860, 5 years after the death of her husband, the Empress died in Tsarskoye Selo.