Nicholas Benardos

Nicholas Benardos
Nicholas was born Benardos July 8 in 1842 in Kherson province, in a family with a rich military tradition. Already in childhood, the future inventor showed great interest in the various trades, which greatly contributed to the fact that his father had a few small shops. His favorite activities were the plumbing and blacksmithing.

In 1862, at the urging of his father Nicholas entered the Medical Faculty of the University of Kiev. His first invention — a tooth filling — accounted for the student. The seal was made of silver. The first patient was Benardos Batman, whom he rescued from a toothache with silver fillings.

Four years later, he transferred to the Petrovsky Agricultural Academy in Moscow in the department of agricultural sciences. During training, he invented and tested a set of tools. After three years of study, Benardos leaves the academy, and devotes all his time inventing, living in the family estate.

Almost all of their money Benardos blew either the technical support of their research or the fabric of life of the surrounding farmers. He provided extensive medical assistance to the residents of nearby villages, organized pharmacy where drugs gave free.

The most important invention that has brought him international fame, it was designed in 1882 by way of an electric arc welding. Benardos way other than welding, and was suitable for electric metal cutting.

He owns one of the first projects of the AC plant on the River Neva (1892). In the same year on the 4th Electrical Exhibition in St. Petersburg Benardos was awarded the highest award of the Russian Technical Society — a gold medal for the successful application of the arc in the invention of the electric welding. In 1899 he was awarded an honorary electrical engineer.

Died Nicholas Benardos 21 September in 1905 in Fastiv Kiev province.