The man we all have to the main joys of his childhood: sweet cocoa and milk chocolate.

Henri Nestl? was born 10 August in 1814 and was the eleventh child Glazer family in Frankfurt.

Henry was educated as a pharmacist, the profession attracted him the opportunity to experiment by mixing different substances. He had a talent for chemistry by nature. Working in a pharmacy in the small Swiss town of Vevey, he dreamed of his own case.

In 1843, Nestle finally got lucky. He borrowed some money from a rich aunt and opened a business. He was engaged in the production of liquor, vinegar and mustard, but never was against to expand your business, and with it, and the field of activity. Eventually, he became even produce gas for street lamps.

In the early 1860s, Henry married. His wife Klimentina could not have children, but loved them and constantly fussing with the children of women who worked at the factory husband. It was her own idea to create a children's food, it is so many children lacked maternal breast milk. And Henry took up the study and experimentation.

Pharmacist experience and knowledge in chemistry earned him a considerable advantage. In 1867 he invented the world's first formula for infant feeding Farine Lactue Henri Nestle. This miracle powder even saved the life of a child of one of the employees of his company. After all, the kid would not do no milk in the food, even the mother. It was then that Nestle came up with the logo of their business — the bird's nest, which symbolize family and tradition, while at the same time, it was a reference to his name.

Soon Nestl? became the first and the best manufacturer of products such as condensed milk, soluble coffee and cocoa and milk chocolate, favorite children around the world.

In 1875, Henry sold his company to business partners.

Henry died of a heart attack Nestle July 7 in 1890 in the city letter carrier (Switzerland).