Andrei Krasko

Andrey Krasko
He was one of the most popular movie actors and the main representative of the St. Petersburg school of acting. But his path in the film was by no means straightforward. It was some years before he became a popular actor. Unfortunately, fame, recognition and fame came to him later — after forty years.

Andrey Krasko was born on August 10 in 1957 in Leningrad, in the family theater actor.

In school, worked in the theater of youthful creativity. After leaving school he entered the LGITMiK, a course Arcadia Katzman and Lev Dodin. In this course, made famous by the legendary performance of "Brothers and Sisters", the paint studied with Natalya Akimova, Elena Popova, Igor Sklar, Sergey Vlasov, Sergei Bekhterev Valery Kukhareshin, Sergei Koshonin.

In 1979 , after graduation, Andrew went on the distribution of the Tomsk Theatre for Young People, where he worked for more than a year, after playing a season in nine plays. There, according to the actor, he gained tremendous professional hardening. In the same year he made his debut in the film a cameo role in the film "Private meeting».

In the early 1980s, Krasko entered the Leningrad Theater. Lenin Komsomol to a wonderful director Gennady Oporkovu. First and, unfortunately, for many years the only major theater work as an actor was the main role in the play "Cucaracha", which premiered in 1982.

After serving in the army, after failing to get any of the Leningrad theaters, paint left in the province. Then appeared in small roles in the films "Breakthrough" and "Dogs" D.Svetozarova. His first real job in the film was the role of the provincial inspector in the movie Paul Lungina "Tycoon". And it all happened by chance. On the role was approved by another actor, but for some reason he could not come to the shooting.

Despite the fact that the film has been criticized as a whole, the role the actor played brilliantly, and all of this was acknowledged. He began to invite to appear. And after starring in the TV series Krasnov, "National Security Agent" Krasko finally caught up with a well-deserved fame.

Overnight, he became one of the most popular and sought-after actors. Almost every movie that came out in the light, was removed from his participation. Dye played tapes Rogozhkina, Meshieva, Balabanov, Bodrov Jr., Lungina, Hotinenko, Litvinovoj, Bondarchuk. Starred in TV series and feature films.

Just a filmography of the actor for more than 80 roles, among the most famous — in pictures, "Afghan Breakdown" (1991), "Operation" Happy New Year! '"(1996)," Peculiarities of National Fishing "( 1998), "Checkpoint" (1998), "Boldin Autumn" (1999), "Sisters" (2001), "Tycoon" (2002), "72 meters" (2004), "The 9th Company", "Blind Man's Bluff", " The Turkish Gambit "(2005)," Bastards "(2006)," Love-carrot "(2007) and many others, as well as in the TV series" The Streets of broken lamps "," National Security Agent, "" Gangster Petersburg "," Agency "," Land "," Kamensky "," Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation "," Commando "," Brezhnev "," Fall of the Empire, "" Doctor Zhivago "," Yesenin "," hunting deer "," Group "Zeta"»...

Do not leave Paints and work in the theater. In "Shelter comedian", he has played in productions of "The Flea Waltz" (production was a success, but the work was marked by criticism of the actor) and the "Moscow-End of the Line" at the Theater of them. Komissarjevskaya he played in the formulation of Valery Grishko "Andorra", and entreprise — "Death Tarelkina", "Men on the hour».

One time on the channel "Culture" Andrew led the program "Who's the Boss "and on the channel STS transfer of" Arsenal ". Unfortunately, due to a heavy workload actor had to give it up. Mainly in recent years, he appeared in films.

Yet his acting talent, by and large, remained unsolved. "Lately, I play either bandits or men in uniform. Movie is "- talked about his work himself Krasko ...

Andrey died while filming" Liquidation ". He still felt ill on the way to Odessa, where the film was shot. Shooting postponed, but the actor was getting worse. He died on the way to the hospital 4 July in 2006. Andrei Krasko buried in a cemetery in Komarovo near St. Petersburg.

Actor's life and work are devoted to documentary films, in 2009 in St. Petersburg was established Charitable Support Foundation moledezhi and veterans of the theater and the cinema of Andrei Krasko.