Samuel Richardson

Samuel Richardson
His first novel he wrote when he was fifty-one, but that did not stop him from becoming incredibly popular writer of his time. He was the progenitor of the novel as a prose work, known to us today.

Samuel Richardson was born on August 19 in 1689 in the village of Mackworth English county of Derbyshire. His father was a carpenter, the family had nine children.

Little is known about the early life of Richardson. The origins of his literary talent himself Richardson explained that entertained friends from childhood stories and spent his youth, tirelessly writing letters. When his writing skills got public recognition, he began to help others to write letters. At the age of 13, he helped a girl friend to answer love letters they received.

Originally Richardson Sr. wanted his son to become a priest, but could not afford education, which Richardson Jr. was worthy so he allowed his son to choose a profession. Samuel stood in the printing process and worked in the print shop.

The first novel was published when the author was already over 50. His style is applied to the category of "sensitive literature", originated in the 18th century. The modern reader, it probably will seem boring, because there is practically nothing happens. And that can happen even in a novel titled "Pamela, or Virtue rewarded, a series of letters to the parents of a beautiful girl in the edification of young men and maidens ..."? Pamela married a man who was trying to seduce her deceit, and they live happily ever after. British girls sobbing with emotion and harsh men could not drop the avaricious man's tears of happiness.
Illustration of the first edition of "Pamela"
Richardson has written a sequel about Pamela, but the story of a happy, correct and quiet family life was boring, even by the standards of the "sensitive literature┬╗.

The second novel Richardson's "Clarissa, or the history of a young lady," a little more full of plot twists. Clarissa, seduced and betrayed by Lovelace, dies of grief and suffering. And the villain was killed in a duel avenger.

In fact merits of this writer is difficult to overestimate. Richardson's novels were a great step forward for the European literature. His work was influenced by , Musset, and many other sentimentalists.

Samuel Richardson died July 4 in 1761 in Parsons Green, at the age of 71.