Khair ad-Din Barbarossa

Khair ad-Din Barbarossa
Khair ad-Din Barbarossa, was born in 1475, the exact date is unknown. In fact, this famous Turkish pirate named Azor. Name Khair al-Din granted him the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, along with the title of beylerbeya, the emir of emirs of Africa. And the name of Barbarossa (Redbeard), he inherited from his elder brother with his fleet. Brother actually called Baba Aruji, but for the European ear, it sounded like Barbarossa (red beard), the more that he really was a red beard.

Azor was one of four sons of Jacob or Jacob flight. Besides the name of his father, little is known. Either he was a Greek, who have converted to Islam, when the island was captured by the Turks or Turkish soldier, left to live in Greece. The elder brother of Azor, Aruji was quite successful sailor, until he was captured. Azor had saved his brother, and after his death took place in the battle commander. Flotilla inherited from his brother Azor was not enough, so he turned for support to the Turkish Sultan, declared himself his vassal.

Later Barbarossa plundered for the benefit of the Ottoman Empire, fighting against the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish fleet. The struggle went on with varying success, but in the end, the Europeans have lost the war.

Later years Barbarossa held in Constantinople in his palace surrounded by luxury.

dies famous pirate Khair ad-Din Barbarossa 4 July in 1546. He was buried in the mosque erected by him. Every Turkish ship comes out of the Golden Horn Bay dignify the great pirate and the navigator.