Osip Bove

Osip Bove
Osip Bove (real name Giuseppe Bova) was born November 4 in 1784 in St. Petersburg in an Italian family. His father — a painter Giovanni Vincenzo Bova was prigashen in 1782 in Russia to work in the Hermitage.

All the sons of Vincenzo become architects. But the most famous senior — Osip. His architectural education he received in the 20 years the famous master Kamporezi, studied at the Moscow School of Architecture at the Kremlin Construction Expedition.

Immediately after became an assistant MF Kazakov and KI in Tver. After the War of 1812 Beauvais come to grips with the restoration of the burned Moscow. The Council of the Imperial Academy of Arts assigns him the title of architect.

Beauvais headed "fasadicheskuyu part" of the special Commission for the building of Moscow. Under his leadership, Moscow has acquired a new form has been reconstructed Red Square, defeated Alexander Garden, laid Theatre Square Arena was built.

In memory of the war of 1812, at the entrance to Moscow from St. Petersburg, designed by Beauvais were installed Arch of Triumph.
Empire style was designed by Bove and many of the city's building, but not all of them have survived to the present day.

There are other of his work: the rotunda dome of the church "Joy of All Who Sorrow" on Ordynka Street, the Church of the Archangel Michael the Archangel, its main feature — the iconostasis in the form of a triumphal arch.

Died Osip Bove June 28 in 1834 in Moscow.