Nino Chavchavadze

Nino Chavchavadze
Nino Chavchavadze (Nina) was born November 4 in 1812 on the farm Cinandali. From early youth Nino differed extraordinary beauty, refinement of manners and sincere kindness.

father Nino, a Georgian poet, a prince, and Major General Alexander Chavchavadze, was a friend of , which was often not only a guest house Chavchavadze during his service in Tiflis in 1822 year, but also gave music lessons to the daughter of the prince.

On his return from Persia in 1828, he spent several months in Tiflis. Re visiting a friend's house, he was struck by the beauty of Nina grown. Despite the fact that Nina had other fans, and the Griboyedov was 18 years older than he confessed his love for her (as it turned out — Mutual) and obtained the agreement of the father. In the early autumn of 1828 lovers solemnly married in Tiflis Sioni Cathedral. Griboyedov was 33 years old, Nina — just fifteen. According to legend, at the time of the wedding Griboyedov was sick with fever and dropped his wedding ring — and it was considered a bad omen.

Soon Griboyedov had to go back for service in Persia. The young wife accompanied him already being pregnant and often sick. Not wanting to expose Nina hardships and perilous journey of life in a foreign land, Griboyedov in December 1828 went to Tehran alone, leaving her in the city where she lived for a few months. In a letter from Tehran Griboyedov advised her to go back to Tbilisi, as his mission in Persia was delayed. She managed to return safely to Georgia.

In early 1829 she learned of the defeat of the Russian mission mob of fanatics and murder of her husband, even relatives, fearing for her health, trying to hide the sad news. Grief has led to premature birth and infant death.

Griboyedov was buried in his beloved Tiflis, in the monastery of Saint David on Mount Mtatsminda. On the grave of the widow has put up a monument with the inscription: "The mind and thy immortal memory in Russian, but for what you went through, my love?ยป.

Nina Alexander Griboyedov has survived almost 30 years, and remained inconsolable widow. Her loyalty to the tragically deceased husband has become legendary for her life, and the name of Nina Chavchavadze was surrounded by honor and respect tiflistsev. June 28 in 1857 she died during the outbreak of a cholera epidemic in Tiflis.