Tigran Petrosian

Tigran Petrosian
Vartanovich Tigran Petrosian was born June 17 in 1929 in Tbilisi (Georgia), started playing chess at age 13 at the Palace of Pioneers under the guidance of master A.Ebralidze, who drew attention to the amazing logical game boy.

The young man did not try to victims of shapes and combinations, that is so typical of young players, and defended doggedly and imaginatively, deep and far-sighted estimated position. Great influence on the development of his talent, in the words of Petrosian had A.Nimtsovicha book "My system is in practice┬╗.

Tigran achieved the first success in All-Union junior championships in 1945-1946, and a year later became the champion of Armenia and fulfilled the norm for the title of Master of Sports of the USSR. World chess champion Tigran Petrosian became in 1963, winning a match at , and 6 years he has chess king crown. Over the years he has won many major international tournaments and World Chess Olympiads.

Brilliant chess player talent, Petrosian had the original style, harmoniously combining attack and defense, strategy and tactics. In his games and in-depth knowledge and precise calculation, and subtle intuition. He himself defined his own credo:

┬źReduced opportunities opponent, strategy games across the board, the environment and the gradual constriction ring around the enemy king."

Petrosyan best in the world has used his infantry in attack and defense, ably following the ideas of the famous French chess player Philidor that the pawns are the soul of chess. Petrosian was considered a brilliant defender. His textbook "Chess lecture" is considered one of the most talented and easily understandable training aids ancient game.

In the years 1968-1977 Tigran Petrosian was the chief editor of the newspaper "Moscow Chess" and then the founder and editor in chief of "64", to transfer knowledge and experience of young players in the school chess club "Spartak" and his career scientific work.

For achievements in the field of chess was awarded the Order of "Friendship", "Badge of Honor" and the medal "for valor." Name Petrossian named Central House of Chess in Armenia and several chess clubs in Russia. Since 1984, the tournaments memory Petrosian, and in 1987 established a medal memory Petrosian.

The great chess player, journalist and PhD Tigran Petrosyan died Vartanovich on August 13 1984 and was buried in the Armenian cemetery in Moscow.