Irakli Andronicus

Irakli Luarsabovich Andronicus
Irakli Luarsabovich Andronicus was born (15) September 28 in 1908 in St. Petersburg, the son of a lawyer and barrister. Andronicus family traces its origins to the noble branch of the Andronikashvili. The family had two children: Irakli and Eleftheriou.

Andronicus In 1925 he graduated from the school in Tbilisi and entered the historical-philological faculty of Leningrad University, and at the same time on the verbal department of the Institute of History of Art. Since 1928, began performing as a lecturer Philharmonic.

Irakli graduated in 1930 with a degree litrabotnika with newspaper and magazine bias, became a member of the humor magazine "The Hedgehog and the Siskins." From 1934 he worked as a bibliographer at the Public Library, and this helped in the study of creativity , which he began in his student days.

In 1935 held its first public appearance as the narrator Andronicus. Since then, his performances with the oral stories became very popular. In 1936 Andronicus published the first article on Lermontov, and in 1939 he published his book "The Life of Lermontov."

During World War II, Irakli Luarsabovich worked in the newspaper "Forward to the enemy" on the Kalinin Front.

After the war, he continued his research work of Lermontov and in 1947 he defended his thesis " Researches on Lermontov, "and in 1956 — Doctor" Lermontov in Georgia in 1837. "

Other than that, Andronicus released a number of books on the poet — "Lermontov. Of finding new "," literary stories "(1949)," Lermontov "(1951)," Lermontov. Research, articles, short stories "(1952).

Irakli Luarsabovich for their creativity was awarded the State Prize of the USSR, Lenin Prize of the USSR, and was awarded two Orders.

In 1954, for the first time Andronicus spoke at the Central TV with a cycle of stories. The program was called, "says Irakli Andronicus." It was filmed several movies in which he read his oral histories. His bright figurative speech, personal charm narrator won universal love of the audience.

Died Irakli Luarsabovich Andronicus on June 13 in 1990 in Moscow.