Dean Reed

Dean Reed
Dean Reed was born September 22 in 1938 in Denver, Colorado. She started her musical career in the States, he began at age 20 when he signed a contract with a music studio. However, the song did not become popular in the United States and in South America. After a very successful tour to Latin America, he decided to stay in Argentina. There, he recorded albums, starred in films and led his own TV program.

Dean Reed stuck to the left — played for the prohibition of nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War. The political activity of the singer, the transmission fees from concerts inmates in prisons, did not like the right-wing forces of Argentina, and their pressure in 1966, Dean Reed was forced to leave the country.

For several years he lived in Rome, where he actively played in the so-called "spaghetti westerns" — "cowboy" films about the American Wild West in Italy. Later he became a star in the USSR and Eastern Europe, which is also very popular.

For speaking out against U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War Reid was arrested at a demonstration in Rome. However, he did not leave his convictions and assisted in the election of President Salvador Allende in Chile in 1970.

Since 1973, Dean Reed settled in East Germany, where he continued to sing in films, as well as directed own films, leaving the political struggle and in accordance with their beliefs.

The most famous of his film was "Singer", a biopic about the Chilean friend Dean Reed, the singer Victor Jara, who was killed after a military coup pinochetovtsami in Chile in September 1973.

13 June in 1986 the singer was found dead in a lake near his home in East Berlin. It was officially announced that he drowned. German friends Reed considered it a suicide. Although the singer's family believes he was murdered.

After the declassification of the archives of the East German security service version of suicide has received yet another confirmation of when the documents were found a farewell letter to Dean Reed, which he wrote before his death.