Gnaeus Julius Agricola

Gnaeus Julius Agricola
Agricola was born on June 13 '40 in the family of Senator, a great speaker Julia Gretsina. Shortly after the birth of her son Gretsin was executed by Caligula, for refusing to deliver a speech indictment against Marcus Junius Silanus. Agricola childhood spent in Massilia with his mother Julia Priscilla.

As the son of a senator's political career before Agricola had to do military service with the rank of military tribune. In '59 the first time he participated in the campaign in Britain, and took part in suppressing the uprising Boudicca.

After returning to Rome Agricola married Domitia Detsidiane. This marriage brought him honor and influential support. All the years before the civil war that followed the death of the emperor , Agricola held without drawing attention to itself, without any desire for fame or excessive enrichment.

In the early 69 Agricola, the estate in Liguria was looted by marauding seamen Otho. During the raid killed Julia Priscilla — the mother of Agricola. After that, having heard about the performance of Vespasian, Agricola took his side.

In '71 Agricola receives command a legion in Britain. There he showed excellent diplomatic skills and talent warlord.

In '77, he was elevated to the rank of consul, and in '78 went consular legate in Britain, where he showed extraordinary activity as a military commander and administrator. He is not only to strengthen the shaky rule of the Romans in this remote province, but also extended it to the Caledonian Highlands.

In the summer of '84 Gnaeus Julius Agricola breaks the numerically superior army at the Battle of Kalgaka Graupiyskih mountains. After that, he was recalled to Rome and subsequently received no nominations. Historians attribute this to jealousy on the part of the Emperor Domitian. And due to the unexpected death of Agricola 23 August '93 indicate that went up in the society rumors of his poisoning.