Gojko Mitic

Gojko Mitic (Photo: ru.wikipedia . org)
Gojko Mitic — known Yugoslav actor, loved by all Indians for his roles in Westerns, was born on June 13 in 1940 in the Yugoslav city Leskovets, the son of a farmer .

Since childhood Gojko interested in sports, playing football, involved in athletics. He dreamed of becoming a sports coach, so he graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Physical Culture. And even was a member of the national team of Yugoslavia on the water rowing.

Since 1960, he worked as a stuntman in the movies. His debut in cinema was in English as a stuntman in the movie "Lancelot and Queen." Then there was a small role in the Italian film "The Venetian catacombs."

In the early 1960s, the popularity of the film was shot about the Indians and came to Europe. In the years 1963-1965 Mitic starred in his first starring in the West Indian Westerns on the novels of Karl May, including "Apache Gold", "Winnetou — the son Inchu-chun" and others. He moved to East Berlin, where he became an actor in a film studio DEFA.

In 1965, he starred in the movie "Sons of Great Bear", directed by Josef Mach paintings chosen for the lead role — the role of an Indian chief — that Gojko Mitic.

«Chingachgook — The Great Snake" After the huge success of this picture decided to shoot the next movie about Indians. They became the film "Chingachgook — The Great Snake" — a novel adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's "Deerslayer", which was released in 1967. After a crazy success of this film was introduced in the Soviet Union, and Gojko Mitic became an icon of Soviet viewers.

A clear profile, a perfect figure, courage and nobility, proud look, a great body control and undeniable acting talent did Mitic his idol for millions of moviegoers.

After that the actor starred in such films about Indians as "White Wolves", "Next Falcon", "Mortal Error", "Osceola", "Apache", "Tecumseh" "Ulzana." While working on the movie "Apache" and "Ulzana" Gojko Mitic has been invited as an expert writer and the movie "Ulzana" was filmed near Samarkand.

In 1988, rolling out the latest film from the thirteenth series of westerns about Indians — "Hunters in the prairies of Mexico" by Hans Knetshtsa. In the 80 — 90 years separate films with Gojko Mitic were purchased for distribution in the United States.

Gradually interest in films about Indians waned. But Gojko Mitic remained in demand in the heroic role. He moved to Germany, where he began acting in television series and a play in the theater of Bad Segeberg. On stage he played the role of Robin Hood, Spartacus, D'Artagnan, Truffaldino ...

In addition, Mitic was involved in the mid-70s in the shooting screen adaptation of Victor Hugo's "Mary Tudor" was filmed in the TV series "Archives of death" and telepostanovke "The Servant of Two Masters." In the 1980s he was a leading sports program on television of the GDR.

I tried it myself and as a director, taking off a few children's films in 1985-1989, about the adventures of two dolls "Jan and Tiny." In 1996 came the memoirs actors — "Gojko Mitic: Memories».

Currently Gojko Mitic lives and works in Berlin and continues to play in the theater and in the movies. He's in good shape, looks after himself, and continues to play sports.