Valentin Pikul

Valentin Pikul Savitch
Savitch Valentin Pikul was born on June 13 in 1928 in Leningrad. Later the family moved to Molotovsk (now Severodvinsk). In 1941, the 13-year-old boy is with his mother in Leningrad, where they have to survive the winter of the siege.

In 1942, they were evacuated on the "Road of Life." Valentine really wanted to go to the front, where there was already a long time by his father, and he goes to school apprentices in Solovki. During the war, his mother dies, his father dies at Stalingrad.

In 1943, the young Pikul hits the front as the steering-signaller in the crew destroyer "Terrible". There he served until the end of the war. After the war, Pikul was actively engaged in self-education, as knowledge of him, who spent his school time in the war, is clearly not enough. Even then, he decides to take up writing books.

Literary work given to him is not easy, but Pikul was persistent. In 1953, his first short stories were published in the anthology "Young Leningrad." Soon after the publication of his first novel, "The ocean patrol." The novel has attracted the attention of the public, and Pikul was admitted to the Union of Writers. He talked about fighting the Germans in the White Sea during the Second World War.

Soon after, he turned to the earlier stages of Russian history. The most popular is the series of novels devoted to the period of the mid-18th — early 19th centuries. It includes the novels "Pen and Sword", "Word and Deed", "Favorite┬╗.

Pikul's novels often been criticized for free treatment of historical material. However, this did not stop them very popular among the readers. Especially critical of the novel "Evil Spirit", dedicated to Grigori Rasputin and his inner circle. Meanwhile, the author of this novel is considered one of the most successful, and his wife believed that this novel is a cornerstone in the understanding of the writer's work.

During 40 years of literary activity Valentin Pikul has created about 30 novels and novellas Some of them filmed. On account of his several literary awards. Today his works are read and re-released: in 2008, their total circulation reached 500 million copies.

At the end of his life he worked on a major writer's novel "Barbarossa", which was dedicated to the events of the Second World War. However, he did not finish his work.
July 16 {/ day} in 1990 in Riga Valentin Pikul died.