Ivan Hannibal

Ivan Abramovich Hannibal
Ivan Abramovich Hannibal was born on June 5 in 1737 (according to other sources, in 1736 or 1735) and was the eldest son of « "and the great-uncle of the great poet . Another minor child against the will of his parents, he was enlisted into the military. After graduating from the Naval Artillery School and the Marine Corps Gentry, was released in the Navy.

Ivan Abramovich took part in many sea voyages, where he showed courage and bravery. During the Russian-Turkish war, in the years 1768-1774, being the first in the Archipelago of the expedition, with the rank of brigadier naval artillery, he took part in the conquest of Navarino.

During the Battle in the Chios and Chesmen battles that took place 24 -26 June 1770, Hannibal commanded the entire marine artillery. For valor in combat was awarded the Order of St. George the third degree.

In 1772, he was appointed major-general, in another four years — General tsehmeysterom naval artillery. In 1777, Ivan Abramovich became a member of the Admiralty Board. As the chief commander of the Kherson fortress directs the erection of a city. And in 1779 he was awarded the rank of lieutenant with saving the post-general tsehmeystera.

For faithful service he was awarded the Order of St. Anna, Vladimir first degree and the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

In February 1784 Hannibal was awarded the rank of chief general, but due to illness, and partly an argument with myself GA resigned. Remainder of his life in solitude.

died Ivan Abramovich Hannibal October 12 in 1801 and was buried in the Lazarev cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.