Yuri Vasiliev

Yuri Vasilyev
Yuri Vasiliev was born October 12 in 1939 in Moscow. Destiny is not cheated by his looks and acting ability, and after school he entered GITIS.

Immediately after GITISa Vasiliev came to work in the Moscow Maly Theatre, where he worked until his death — nearly forty years. It was beautiful, and that infrequently — was modest on stage, in life and in love.

His film debut was the role in the film directed by Nikolas M. Zacharias' Fishers of sponges. " Wide recognition and fame came to him after the film by Sergei Gerasimov "Journalist", where he got the starring role. It seemed like an actor with the looks and talent should not have to experience a lack of roles. But fate is not very favorably disposed to Vasiliev. From film to film it get only supporting roles.

In 1979, Yuri brilliantly played the first boyfriend of the heroine of melodrama "Moscow does not believe in tears" Katie Tikhomirova.

Just a filmography of the actor about two dozen films, including their role in the criminal-political drama "Nothing happened," in the melodrama "Just do not go" and "Ballerina┬╗.

Yuri was a caring father and almost forty years married to the same woman, actress Nelli Kornienko. Together they raised a daughter Catherine.

The actor passed away on June 4 in 1999 — he died of a heart attack.