Shulamith Messerer

Shulamith Messerer
Shulamith Messerer belongs to a family which has had on the development of Russian (and not only) Ballet significant impact. Asaf Messerer and sister Rachel Messerer, the mother of Mikhail Messerer, aunt and foster mother of Maya Plisetskaya, prima ballerina was, and after a ballet teacher and the Bolshoi Theatre.

Shulamith Messerer M. was born 27 August in 1908 in Moscow. Dancing was her life. With 18 years she has danced at the Bolshoi. She was among the few who are at the beginning of the 1930s, was admitted to a long trip overseas touring. In Paris, she was offered a teaching position at a prestigious private school. But the dancer returned home, fearing for the consequences of such a move — in fact in Russia were relatives.

Shulamith Messerer been at the forefront of Soviet ballet, received government awards and became one of the first in our country who have appeared personal car. Walked around the arrest, it is not passed by her relatives. Shulamith's sister was arrested — Rachel's mother . Shulamith not only brought up the future of the world ballet diva, but became one of its first teachers.

Messerer danced at the Bolshoi Theatre from 1926 to 1950, and later became a teacher. We Shulamith-teacher had his individual method, which admired the eminent Ninette de Valois — creator of the Royal Ballet. Madame de Valois would become her friend in the capital of England's quarter-century later, when Shulamith Messerer come to live on the banks of the Thames. They were friends until his death of Valois in 2001, on the 103-year life.

Before moving to England Shulamith Messerer with his son Michael led the multi-year studies with young Japanese ballet dancers. She was invited to work in the major theaters of the world, but they chose to England with Michael — "as a country of traditions and serene tranquility».

After moving to London in 1980, Shulamith Messerer lived here almost 25 years, making regular travels all over the world, and not forgetting to come home and where it was in 1998 awarded the "Spirit of Dance". 90-year-old star has introduced several elegant pas from the can-can, proving the brilliant form not only the soul but also the body.

She spoke five languages, as well as in Russian. A Russian remains the main language for it, but because in a large apartment in the center of London all the time worked, Russian television.

M. Shulamith Messerer died suddenly (regardless of age) June 3 in 2004 in London.