Harutyun Hakobyan

Amayakovich Harutyun Hakobyan was born 26 April in 1918 in Yerevan, Armenia, in the family of a blacksmith. After graduating from ballet school in 1935, Haroutiun acts in the ensemble of folk dance. At the request of his father, he goes to study in Civil Engineering and works in the "ARMSTROY", and in 1937 entered the Moscow Institute of Land Management.

After days of training at the institute, he is constantly doing tricks, making props for them, creating new tricks on the basis of already known. In the dormitory of the Institute and was his first appearance. Upon graduation Harutyun Hakobyan is going to work in a professional magician Mosgosestradu. After a few years of hard training, the magician has developed to the point fingers and hands of their hands, that he has almost did not need any props and Hakobyan is a magician-manipulator.

In 1950, Hakobyan is an Honored Artist of the Armenian SSR, and in 1961 received the title of People's Artist of the Republic. Artist has been known and popular not only at home but also in many countries of the world. 1957 brought him victory at the international competition in the Australian Colombo. In 1959, magician won the Grand Prix at the competition in Paris, and in 1977 — in Karlovy Vary.

on January 13 2005 Harutyun Hakobyan died in Moscow. His son continued his father Hmayak.