Vyacheslav Innocent

Vyacheslav Innocent
Vyacheslav Innocent was born November 30 in 1934 in Tula. His father worked at the munitions factory, and her mother was a secretary-typist at the head office of the railway.

From an early age Vyacheslav became interested in theater. He participated in the drama club productions, who worked at the Tula Palace of Pioneers, and by the end of the school decided to become an actor.

In the Moscow Art Theatre School Vyacheslav entered at the second attempt — the first was unsuccessful. In 1959, he successfully graduated from the training and became an actor of the Moscow Art Theatre.

On the innocent first appeared in 1960, in the psychological drama Vladimir Gerasimov "trial period". He took an instant liking to the audience and filmmakers, and in the years 1960-1970 was filmed quite a lot. The films were diverse — a social drama "President", the comedy "Thirty-three," film story "It happened at the police station," adaptation of Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and others.

actor has brought great success working with such artists as and . In Gaidai Innocent first appeared in 1975 in the comedy "It can not be." It was here that he performed his most famous song: "Ruining people is not beer, water destroys people." In like manner edakogo-shirt guy romping with a smile and a role was played by Jussi Vatanen in Gaydaevskoy comedy "For Matches" (1980). And in the comedy "The Garage" Ryazanov Innocent is quite another. His Karpuhin — cowardly, trembling for their property man, easily changing principles. The film "The Guest from the Future", which is a film adaptation of the novel «One hundred years ago ahead" was released in 1984 and immediately won the hearts of millions of children. Yes, and not just children.

For all its specificity Vyacheslav Innocent always managed to be on the screen varies. Since the early 1990s, he removed all the rarer. The crisis, which has affected our movies at the time, hit many actors.

Innocent many years suffered from diabetes. In 2003, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was hospitalized. More than a year he spent in hospital beds. He had to suffer amputation — first one foot, then he has appeared on stage with a prosthesis, and then the second. At this difficult time Innocent helped his friends and colleagues: and , and the family: the son of Vyacheslav Innocent Jr. and loyal wife (the first and only) — Honored Artist of Russia Nina Gulyaev.

Vyacheslav Innocent died May 31 in 2009 in Moscow and was buried in the "Walk of the actors' Troyekurovskoye cemetery of the capital.