Jacopo Tintoretto

Jacopo Tintoretto, a fragment of a self-portrait
Jacopo Tintoretto (Robusti) was born in Venice September 29 in 1518. His nickname Tintoretto he received on his father's profession-Dyer (tintore).

In early childhood showed extraordinary ability in painting and enrolled as an apprentice to Titian. He made rapid progress so that, according to legend, did not want to continue to keep it at home, anticipating a future competitor. And Tintoretto, leaving his school continued to admire brilliance and power of Titian paints, and in the pursuit of perfection figure was based on the legacy of .

However, the influence of the great artists are not drowned in it self, and he took the best from them, has created his own style, which was the difference between a live dramatic composition, skillful drawing courage, a kind of pictorial in the distribution of light and shadow, the warmth and strength of colors, a welcome letter.

Miracle of St. Mark (St. Mark rescues a servant of the penalty) Soon Tintoretto acquired notoriety on a par with Titian and Paolo Veronese. The number of orders sometimes led him to hurry their performance, and therefore not all of his good work to the same extent.

Among the early works of Tintoretto can be noted "The Fall of Adam and Eve" and "The murder of Abel ', performed in the spirit of Titian, "The Adoration of the Golden Calf" and "The Last Judgement", which is already evident its originality. In the full glare of talent Tintoretto evince "The Miracle of St. Mark," "The Marriage at Cana," "The philosopher Diogenes," and many other paintings, scattered in different European museums.

Massacre of the Innocents even more clearly express the art of Tintoretto his frescoes. Of the surviving frescoes especially magnificent wall paintings and ceiling in the building of the School Sv.Roha ("Crucifixion", "Massacre of the Innocents", "Mary Magdalene in the Desert," "Brazen Serpent") and the Palace of the Doges of Venice (colossal "The Resurrection of the righteous" "Venice, the goddess of the seas", "Conquest Tsary┬╗).

Tintoretto also wrote beautifully executed portraits, among which are his own self-portrait. The skill artist gave his children — his son and daughter were portraitists.

Died painter Jacopo Tintoretto May 31 in 1594 in Venice.