Mikhail Nesterov

Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov was born 31 May in 1862 in Ufa in an intelligent family of merchants. Father Michael vocation was not a merchant, trading is not very fascinated him, was more interested in the history and literature. Because the artistic talent of his son, he took a keen interest and encouraging participation.

Up to twelve years Nesterov was in high school. In autumn 1874 at the urging of his father coming artist moved to Moscow to attend a technical school. Unable to stand the test, went to a real school KP Resurrection.

Three years later, on the advice of the Resurrection entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Since 1879, Mikhail Nesterov started to take part in organized student in the School of exhibitions. His works of the early period ("snowballs", "Waiting for a Train," "Victim buddies", "House Arrest", "Expert" and "exam at the village school"), written in the tradition of Russian peredvizhnichestva.

Hermit in 1885 for his film "The Calling MF Romanov to the throne "was the title of a free artist. By the end of the 1880s Nesterov became known as the author of the paintings on historical themes.

In May 1886 the artist's daughter, Olga, with his wife, MI Martynovskaya died. The image of his beloved wife was traced in many subsequent works of the artist. In 1887, he created three versions of "Princess", and then the picture of the "bride of Christ" — in all of these works depicted the facial features of his wife.

Transactions of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Part triptiha.Znachitelnoy picture, demonstrating the identity Nesterovsky talent was "Pustnynnik", written by the artist in the years 1888-89. Exhibited at the XVII traveling exhibition, the picture has become an event and placed the young Nesterov in some of the most outstanding artists of the time.

In the next period was painted a series of paintings dedicated to ; after a visit to the Solovetsky Monastery, a number of papers on the subject.

In the last decades of his life Nesterov enthusiastically worked on the memories which issued as a book in early 1942 under the name of "the old days". The book was a huge success. Master the brush was also a master of words.

Nesterov died on 81-year life in Moscow 18 October in 1942. His final resting place was the Novodevichy Cemetery.