James Joyce

James Joyce
James Joyce was born in Dublin, the capital of Northern Ireland February 2 in 1882 in a large family. Joyce's childhood and youth were quite unsettled, the family often destitute, however, this did not prevent him to get a good education in a Catholic Jesuit College and the University of Dublin.

In 1900, he began writing essays and poems published in various magazines and newspapers. At age 22 he moved to Paris, working as a teacher, journalist. Spent a long time in Zurich.

To publish the works of Joyce was very hard, they were rejected by censorship. Such a fate befell the collection of short stories, "Dubliners", the novel "On The Road", and especially unlucky novel "Ulysses." He was banned in the UK and the U.S. for the "vulgarity and debauchery┬╗.

However publisher Sylvia Beach ventured to print the novel, which is now recognized as a classic. Much of the novel was not understood by the readers. But until now, he is considered a masterpiece that no one has yet been able to beat. In the 600-page work is described only one day in the life of an Irish Jew, Leopold Bloom — June 16 in 1904.

In many countries, including Russia, June 16 marks the Day of Bloom's, and June 16, 2004 on the centenary Bloom's Day Dublin visited by thousands of tourists.

James Joyce died 13 January in 1941 in Zurich.