Nicholas Sheremet

Nikolai Sheremet was born in St. Petersburg July 9 in 1751. Young Earl received an excellent education. He was reared together with the future emperor Paul. Sheremet was interested in the sciences, while at the same time showed a great love for art. Later, he became famous as a patron of the arts.

In 1769, Earl made a long trip to Europe. He studied at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, simultaneously studied theatrical business, set design, stage and ballet art.

The legacy of his father Sheremet got serf theater in Kuskovo. He had a great band, plays in his theater have always been rich in scenery and gorgeous costumes.

In theater productions Sheremeteva visited , Paul I, King of Poland Poniatowski, host of Moscow and St. Petersburg dignitaries, diplomats, major dignitaries. Nikolai Petrovich "treated" to know their performances. His serfs actress scored on ancestral villages, received a real education and upbringing. Europe's best mentors taught them not only scenic arts, but also foreign languages, science, secular treatment.

Few aristocratic ladies who came to the Ostankino spectacle could compete in education with yesterday Akulka Malashkov yes, speakers in front of them on stage.

In addition Sheremet was keenly interested in architecture. Ostankino Palace of Count in suburban estate became a monument of artistic taste.

In 1801 Sheremet married his serf actress , which has given his freedom. February 3 in 1803 they had a son — Dmitry. Unfortunately, shortly after the birth of her son, beloved wife of Earl died of tuberculosis.

In memory of his wife Earl founded Hospice (hospice) in Moscow (now the building of the Moscow Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosofskiy NV), for the work on which he invited the talented sculptor Giacomo Quarenghi. The building is considered a masterpiece of hospices Russian architecture, a fine example of Russian classicism of the late XVIII — XIX centuries.

During his many-sided activity graph repeatedly awarded Russian and foreign orders. In recent years he spent in St. Petersburg, at the Fountain House.

on January 13 1809 Nikolai Sheremet has died. He was buried in the family tomb in St. Petersburg Sheremetevs in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.