Sergei Utochkin

Sergei Utochkin
It seems that only the most well-known actors were as well known as this cheerful bright-red-haired man, a brave and chivalrous noble — the favorite of all of Odessa.

Sergei Isaevich Utochkin born on July 12 in 1876 in Odessa, a merchant family. Parents died early, and his brother Sergei was brought up in different families on the money left parents.

Sergei grew a great swimmer and sailor, fencer and boxer skater and runner, but is especially famous as a bicycle racer. For 17 years he did not go to the track and won countless victories in Russia and abroad. With the bike Utochkin changed on the car was involved in a car race, set records of speed.

Then Sergei became interested in aeronautics. With his balloon, he went to Egypt and flew over the ancient pyramids and the Sahara Desert. When aviation was born, Utochkin only thinking about how to learn to fly a winged car. He became the second Russian pilot. Since then, he has started a new and very busy life.

He does not just have to worry about deadly minutes. But the fatal accident occurred in July 1911 during a trip to St. Petersburg — Moscow. It was the first in the Russian far and extremely difficult flight. It was attended by nine pilots, but flew only one — Alexander Vassiliev. Utochkin crashed and miraculously survived. Injuries suffered them were serious: broken legs, arms, collarbone, severe bruising of the chest and head.

All this affected his health. In 1913, in St. Petersburg, there were rumors about the signs of insanity at the famed pilot. After one of the attacks, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital of St.. Nicholas on the Moika. Utochkin recovering slowly. Only the fall of 1913 he left the hospital, but to the end and could not recover. The last years of his life he lived in St. Petersburg, where he did not leave the poverty, lack of money, illness.

Isaevich Utochkin Sergei died of pneumonia on January 13 in 1916, in the very same mental hospital, forgotten by everyone. He was only the fortieth year.

He was buried at St. Nicholas Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, near the graves of other Russian pilots killed in plane crashes.