Vasily Shulgin

Vasily Shulgin
Vasily Shulgin was born on January 13 in 1878 in Kiev, the son of a history professor at Kiev University. He graduated from the 2nd Kiev school and the Faculty of Law of the University of Kiev in 1900. Since 1907 has dedicated himself entirely to politics. He was a deputy II — IV State Dumas. Welcomed the crackdown Duma II, III in the Duma supported the PA and its reforms advocated stern measures against the revolutionaries.

In 1914, he volunteered for the front were wounded. In the Duma came back strongly opposed to the government. In August 1915 the State Duma was elected Progressive Bloc, who put their task of creating a government responsible to the Duma. VV Shulgin was elected to the leadership of the Progressive Bloc.

on February 27 in 1917 by the Council of Elders of the Duma Shulgin was elected to the Interim Committee of the State Duma, which took over the functions of government. March 2 to the king of the Interim Committee meeting sent Shulgin and Gutchkoff.

signed the act of abdication in favor of his brother Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich. March 3 Shulgin took part in negotiations with the Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, as a result of which the latter refused to accept the throne until the Constituent Assembly.

strongly supports the interim government, but seeing his inability to restore order in the country, at the beginning of October 1917 he moved to Kiev. There, he led the "Russian National Union." In November and December 1917, went to the Don in Novocherkassk, participated in the creation of the white Army. Since the end of 1918 edited the newspaper "Russian", then "Great Russia", singing the purity of the "white idea." After the Civil War he emigrated.

In 1937, withdrew from political activity, lived in Yugoslavia. In 1944, Soviet troops entered the territory of Yugoslavia, Shulgin was arrested and taken to Moscow. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After the death of Stalin released, settled in Vladimir. In the 1960s, encouraged emigration to abandon hostility to the Soviet Union.

Died on February 15 in 1976.