Girolamo Savonarola

Girolamo Savonarola
Girolamo Savonarola was born in Ferrara September 21 in 1452. He received a humanistic education, practiced medicine, was fond of theology. In juvenile poems Savonarola was already showing his characteristic concerns the moral degradation and corruption of the church age.

In 1475, he entered the Dominican convent in Bologna. After training, he was transferred in 1482 to the monastery of San Marco in Florence. Little by little preaching of Savonarola became a success. He has taught at Bologna, Ferrara, and traveled to preach in Brescia and other lomabardskie city.

In 1490, Lorenzo de 'Medici called Savonarola in Florence. Almost immediately after arriving Girolamo said some fiery sermons, predicting disaster, cars, castigating the corruption of morals in Florence and the church, criticizing Lorenzo. Despite the warnings, he did not renounce his criticism.

In July 1491 he was elected abbot of the monastery of San Marco and demonstrated his independence by refusing to appear with respect to the expression of Lorenzo de 'Medici, in spite of the financial support of the monastery Medici family.
April 5 {/ day} in 1492 Savonarola survived his famous vision of a suspended sword of divine justice with the words, "Behold, the sword of the Lord, and call upon the earth soon." After a few days of Lorenzo de 'Medici died.

In 1492, Borgia became Pope under the name of Alexander VI. Threatened by the French intervention. These events seemed to confirm the prophecy of Savonarola. Florentines turned to Savonarola.

In the city there was unrest in this dangerous situation of the struggle for power Savonarola urged people to reconciliation and prophesied that in a future update Florence will become a model for the whole of Italy. He managed to secure the adoption of the Republican Constitution by the Venetian model and new laws against gambling, sodomy and murder.

All these Savonarola made himself many enemies in Florence, which antagonized his dad. Having failed to lure Savonarola Cardinals cap, father forbade him to preach. Savonarola continued to preach.

In early 1497 split in Florence Savonarola's supporters and his opponents. In March, the Medici agents provoked riots. In May, Pope excommunicated from the Church of Savonarola. In February 1498 Alexander VI's patience snapped. He urged the Signoria to silence the rebellious monk.

Were provoked violent disturbance in Florence, and Savonarola and his closest associates were captured and executed — hanged first May 23 1498 year, and then their bodies were burned.