Elizabeth A.

Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. (Louise-Marie-August), Russian empress, wife Alexander, born on January 13 in 1779. The eldest daughter of the Margrave of Baden-durlahskogo Karl-Ludwig.

In October 1792 came to the court of St. Petersburg, along with her younger sister — at that time was looking for a bride beloved grandson Alexander. The choice fell on her older sister.

September 28 1793 wedding took place. The bride and groom were very young — Alexander was 16 years old, Elizabeth A. — 14. Alexander affection for his wife was soon replaced by indifference, that has worked hard to Elizabeth A., lyubivshuyu it sincerely and deeply. She withdrew into his private life and took little part in the interests of the yard, feeling lonely in the royal family.

She was modest, read a lot, had a special penchant for learning languages. Her talent was a special gift to tell — Emperor Alexander I noticed that, not having time to read a lot, he is obliged to Empress information about everything that appeared curious.

In the night of the murder Paul Elizabeth A. showed strength of character and has been negotiating with the conspirators, and then moved again into the shadows. The Decembrists were discussing the idea of ??its construction to the throne.

Elizabeth A. gave birth to two daughters — Mary (1799-1800) and Elizabeth (1806-1808), who died early. Rejecting the external honors and shine, she dedicated leisure works of charity.

Poor health Alekseevny Elizabeth was upset in 1825 so badly that doctors have prescribed a trip to Italy. Instead of Italy was elected Taganrog — the Empress wanted to die in Russia. The Emperor went there a few weeks earlier to make room for the patient. In September 1825, she arrived in Taganrog, where her health improved somewhat, and the relationship between the couple became more cordial.

But she was not given enjoy a rapport with spouse emperor fell ill and (November 19) December 1 died in her arms. In the spring of 1826 she embarked on the way back. Empress Maria Fedorovna left to meet her, and both widowed empress were to meet in Kaluga.

On the way disease Elizabeth Alekseevny suddenly intensified, and (4) May 16 in 1826 she died in Belyov (Tula).