Alexander Langeron

Alexander F. Lanjeron
Alexander F. Langeron was born in Paris (2) on January 13 in 1763 to an aristocratic noble family. In 1790, the French Revolution forced him to leave the country and go back to Russia, where he became colonel of the Siberian Grenadier Regiment. He distinguished himself in the war against Sweden and then in the Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1792 years. Langeron participated in the storming of the fortress of Izmail under the command , where he was severely wounded.

After participating in many European military conflicts, including the participation of at the Battle of Austerlitz, in 1815, he was appointed military governor of Kherson and Odessa mayor.

In Odessa, Langeron opened the Richelieu Lyceum for the elite: only children of merchants and Greek immigrants could get a place in it. At Langeron began building the Odessa Conservatory Gardens and Seaside. The biggest merit of Langeron as mayor was the introduction of a free port in 1819. This allowed to import and export goods without customs duties. In 1823, Langeron was relieved of his duties for health reasons.

Frequent guest in the house itself was Langeron at the time of its southern link. Langeron, who himself wrote a little, constantly tormented poet reading his poems and tragedies, but that did not stop the friendship. Their friendship continued then in St. Petersburg — after they both left Odessa.

All my life Lanjeron afraid to die from cholera. It was she who killed him. Died Alexander F. Langeron (4) 16 July in 1831 and was buried in the Catholic Church in Odessa.