Stefania Belmondo

Stefania Belmondo
Stefania Belmondo was born on January 13 in 1969 in a small Italian town in the province of Cuneo Vinadio. When she was three years old, his father fashioned for her skis and taught her to ride on them. At the age of six she became involved in the ski section, participated in children's competitions. The first competition she won in eight years, for which he won his first medal, made of yellow cardboard.

In 1987, Stephanie became a member of the Italian national team. In 1988, its composition will debut at the Olympic Games in Calgary, and the next year — at the World Championships.

In 1989, Stephanie became the first Italian woman has won the World Cup event in Salt Lake City. In the 1992 Olympics in Albertville she won the 30 km race, an Italian, was the first Olympic champion, and in 1993 — the first, an Italian world champion at distances of 10 and 30 km.

Total Stefania Belmondo participated in five Olympics and won 10 medals, two of which — the highest esteem. Four times she became the world champion, won 21 victory at the World Cup.

In 2002, Belmondo left the sport, and in 2006 appeared again at the Olympic Games in Turin, but the guest of honor (she lit the Olympic flame) and sports commentator.

Currently Stefania Belmondo engaged in social and charitable activities. She is married and has two sons.