Valentine Leontief

Valentina Leontiev
Valentina Leontief was born August 1 in 1923 in Petrograd.

receiving acting training in the Moscow Art Theatre School, a couple of seasons, she worked in the Tambov Drama Theatre . Then it was on television as an assistant director, but did not know she was in Destiny.

Television has become her life, her family. One of the remarkable facts of the biography — her marriage requested , the soul of the postwar generation of Soviet people. But Valentine did not become the wife of the poet, she had another — TV.

Up "marriage" with the TV she had been living. Child survived the siege of Leningrad. She studied at the Institute of Technology. She graduated from the opera and drama studio Stanislavsky. Work on television came in 1954 as an assistant director and then became the announcer.

At the end of 1960-1970's without it did not do any holiday "Lights", or May Day demonstrations and November. A little later, it became "Aunt Valya" and was the leading children's programs, "Alarm", "Around the world", "Good night, kidsĀ».

The most important and most personal transfer of her life was the program " With all my heart. " In 1982, Valentina Leontevoj awarded the title of People's Artist of the Soviet Union, and it became a laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.

C 1989 Valentina was a speaker and consultant television. The first and only book Valentina Leontevoj called the "Declaration of LoveĀ».

Life after television became her pain. Care of ether was sharp. Maintenance of life was long and bitter. TV only occasionally recalls the one who was his soul for a few decades. In 2000 she was awarded a statuette Taffy "For personal contribution to the development of national television." A couple of times the audience was reminded of her feature stories.

In 2003, congratulations on the anniversary of Valentine Leontiev, President of Russia has recognized her and said to her the name of "the whole epoch in the history of national television" . And it is the years spent on television, considered not to our credit, and your happiness.

C 2004 Valentina Leontief lived in the village Novosyolki Melekessky district of Ulyanovsk region. She died 20 May in 2007.

At the end of July 2008 Valentina was a monument in Ulyanovsk.