Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus, the world-famous for his discovery of America, was born on October 9 in 1451 on the island of Corsica (in one version). The identity and fate of Columbus vague, ambiguous and like a novel. About his origin and place of birth were long, passionate scientists debate. So far, six cities in Italy and Spain dispute the right to be his birthplace. Around many of the events of his life have grown legends, debunk that and still not quite able to.

About childhood of the great explorer virtually nothing is known. There is no consensus regarding education and Columbus. We only know that Columbus began quite early to go on merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1470's of Columbus settled in Portugal, in Lisbon. Now he goes by the Portuguese courts, swimming away in the far north. It is known that this was when he was able to visit the British Isles, and possibly in Iceland. Caravels under the Portuguese flag and went to the Canary Islands, and along the west coast of Africa.

He was the first officially crossed the Atlantic Ocean in tropical and sub-tropical zone of the Northern Hemisphere, the first among the Europeans went to the Caribbean. He paved the beginning of the discovery of the Americas and the isthmus of Central America. He opened the central part of the Bahamian archipelago, the Greater and Lesser Antilles, a number of small islands in the Caribbean Sea and the island of Trinidad off the coast of South America. But the discoverer of America Columbus can be called only with reservations — in North America by the Europeans in the face of Icelandic Vikings visited in the 11th century.

He died May 20 1506 in the belief that only opened a new route to India has long known, and completely unaware of what made actually.

A few decades after his death, when the idea of ??the existence of a new continent between Europe and Asia has penetrated the consciousness of contemporaries. This version has become dominant until the end of 1530s, but before the end of the century, and even in the early 17th century, America was considered connected with Asia.