Roman Kartcev

Roman A. Kartcev
Roman A. Kartcev (real name Roman Anshelevich Katz) was born May 20 in 1939 in Odessa. During World War II he and his mother and brother were evacuated to Omsk, and after leaving his father the whole family returned to Odessa.

In 1956, after graduation went to work for Roman adjuster at a garment factory "Vanguard". Then he began to speak in the House of Culture drama club sailors and soon received an invitation to the amateur theater student at the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers, where he met his future stage partner Viktor Ilchenko and lyricist Michael Zhvanetsky.

In 1962, he moved from Odessa to Leningrad and fell to in the Leningrad Theater of Miniatures (this Raikin advised the young artist to take the stage name of Roman Kartcev). There he became famous, receiving the title of winner of the All-Union competition of performers in 1969.

In 1970, the Roman Kartsev together with Michael and Victor Zhvanetsky Il'chenko opened Odessa theater of miniatures. Speaking in the genre of pop artists reprise quickly became very popular with the audience, and thanks to television broadcasting and performances in the "Around the laughter" known were many humorous numbers in their performance. In 1972, he graduated from the Roman GITIS, acting department (in absentia).

In 1979 Kartcev Il'chenko and move to the capital and start working in the Moscow Theater of Miniatures, and in 1987 they performed at the Moscow Theater of Miniatures led Zhvanetski.

After the death of his partner Victor Il'chenko in 1992 Kartcev began performing on stage with monoperformance. As a solo artist, he participated in productions of "My Odessa", "Waiting Room". The repertoire Kartseva, except for works Zhvanetskogo, there is also Chekhov, Harms, Zoschenko other authors. He acted in the theater "Hermitage" Konstantin Raikin and variety theater.

On the wide silver screen comedian Kartcev first appeared in 1976 in the film "Hard day — Monday." Then there was a children's TV movie "Magic Voice Gelsomino." Kartcev played there a school teacher. In fact, the only words of his role — an enumeration of names of students. But when he once again began to read the list, the audience just dying with laughter. The actor manages to amuse the audience, even by their silence. Anyone who has ever heard his monologue "Crawfish", will never forget.

With the success of performing the role in the film adaptation of the novel Shvonder MA «Heart of a Dog", Roman Kartcev has become quite popular among filmmakers. He often appeared at («old horse", "Promised Heaven").

Kartcev — author of "Small, dry and writer" and "I dreamed Chaplin ...».

Russian entertainer, theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the RSFSR People's Artist of Russia , the actor of the Moscow Theater of Miniatures by Mikhail Zhvanetskogo — Roman Kartcev today demanded an artist and creative activity continues.