Alexei Maresiev

Alexey Maresiev
Alexey Maresiev born May 20 1916 Kamyshin Saratov province. In three years he lost his father. His mother worked as a cleaner at a woodworking factory and raised three sons. Since childhood accustomed to their work, honesty, fairness.

After high school Alex Turner received his degree and went to work at the sawmill. In 1934 he was sent to the district committee of the Komsomol construction in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. It was there that he began to study at the flying club. In 1937 he was drafted into the army. After the service, he studied at the Aviation School, from which he graduated in 1940 with the rank of lieutenant. At the beginning of the war he was sent to the South-Western Front. Began his career as a military pilot.

In March 1942, I was transferred to the North-Western Front, and in April in a battle with the Germans, his plane was shot down and badly wounded himself Alex. He made an emergency landing on the territory occupied by the Nazis. 18 days wounded in the leg pilot crawling his way to the front line. He managed to get out, but the doctors were forced to amputate both his legs in the leg.

Back in the hospital Maresiev Alex started training in preparation for what is to fly with a prosthetic. In early 1943, passed a medical examination and was sent to flight school.

In February 1943, he made the first test flight after being wounded. Achieved sent to the front and began to fly again. on July 20 1943 Maresiev during an air battle with the superior forces of the enemy saved the lives of two Soviet pilots and shot down three enemy fighters at once.

Battle Glory of Maresjev spread across the front. In Regiment frequent correspondents, among them was the future author of the book "The Story of a Real ManĀ» . on August 24 Maresjev 1943 was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. During the war he made 86 sorties, shot down 11 enemy aircraft.

In the postwar period, partly due to the textbook "The Story of a Real Man" by Boris Polevoy, the pilot was very well known, was invited to many celebrations.

May 18 in 2001 was planned a gala evening on the occasion of the 85th anniversary Maresyeva. Just an hour before the event Alexei Petrovich died of a heart attack. He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery.