Nikolay Beketov

Nikolay Beketov
Nikolay Beketov was born (1) on January 13 in 1827 in the province of Penza. His father was a naval officer. In 1844 Nicholas enrolled at St. Petersburg University, then transferred to the Kazan University, where he taught the famous Russian chemist NN Zinin. While the University of Kazan was considered a center of chemical science. Beketov himself interested in physical chemistry at the time of the new branch of science.

After graduating from university, Beketov returned to St. Petersburg, where he defended his master's thesis, and soon became a professor at the University of Kharkiv. The teaching of chemistry at the University of Beketov put on a very high level.

Beketov visited many European countries, listened to the lectures of outstanding chemists F.Velera, R.Bunzena, A.Sent-Claire Deville. In 1860, he took part in the First International Chemical Congress in Karlsruhe.

At the request Beketova at Kharkov University was first opened in the Russian Physico-chemical separation. Beketov has lectured and conducted workshops in physical chemistry. In 1886, he published his textbook on the subject.

On his initiative, the Company opened the experimental sciences at Kharkov University for research and scientific conferences. Beketov believed that the theoretical study of science must necessarily be supported by practical experiments.

In 1886, he moved to St. Petersburg, where he worked in the academic chemistry lab and taught at the University for Women. In 1890, a scientist at the University of Moscow was reading course "Basic Principles of thermochemistry."

Beketova great merit is the development of physical chemistry as an independent scientific and academic discipline. Also, the scientist first used chlorine to bleach paper and tissues, opened the alkali metal hypochlorite and potassium chlorate (the so-called "Berthollet salt"), showed that at high temperatures the aluminum recovers metals from their oxides (later those experiences served as the starting point for the emergence of aluminothermy) .

Died Nikolay Beketov (November 30) December 13 in 1911 in St. Petersburg.