Tatiana Lavrov

Tatiana Lavrov
Tatiana Lavrov (real name — Andrikanis) was born June 7 in 1938 in Moscow. Her parents were cameramen, and Tatiana from childhood grew up in a creative atmosphere.

She was 12 years old when his parents separated, and 17 when she started an independent life. The fact that she is an actress, Tatiana doubted and after school filed papers in all capital theatrical institution. She was admitted to the Moscow Art Theater School, which was highly symbolic: the famous philanthropist , built the Art Theatre, was one of the ancestors of Tatiana.

In 1959, she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and was admitted to the troupe. And she made her debut on stage as a student — a 4th year she was invited for the role of Nina Zarechnoj in the play "The Seagull" and she immediately got into the environment of these stars. However, for a theatrical career, she had to change the name — it was believed that the Russian actress can only have a Russian name. She became Laurel, offering fellow actors write their own versions and pulling pseudonym at random.

In 1961, the actress went to the theater "Contemporary", where she played in productions of "The Cherry Orchard," "Two for the Seesaw" "The Seagull", "Echelon". In 1978, Lavrov returned to Moscow Art Theatre.

In the movie, she made her debut in 1959 in the role of Varya in "The Song of Koltsovo". Her filmography of about thirty works, among them — the role in the films "Probation", "Time, Forward!", "Escape of Mr. McKinley", "Day train", "Days surgeon Mishkin," "Long Road to Self" , "The Cherry Orchard" and others.

The film "Midlife Crisis" was the last work of the actress in the movie, and the wide publicity to the Laurel came after picture ┬źNine days a year. " He was the best film of 1962 and won many film awards.

One of the prominent roles of Tatyana Laurel — Sali Burke role in the TV movie "All the King's Men" (1972), staged by Mikhail Kozakov.

In 1988, Lavrov was awarded the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR.

died Tatiana Lavrov in Moscow May 16 in 2007.