Maria Bochkareva

Maria Bochkareva
Leontievna Bochkareva Maria (nee Frolkova) was born in July 1889. This is a woman with a unique destiny: it is called the Russian , Cavalier maiden, reckless warrior named Yasha. She is the only female is a complete "Knight of St. George." It was she who was the initiator, founder and head of the women's battalion Petrograd in the autumn of 1917.

The life story of Maria Botchkareva akin to the adventure novel. Having escaped in the 15 years of the house, she had time to visit his wife drunk-worker, friend bandit, almost "dekabristki": go on foot to Siberia, where her boyfriend, James Buck, was arrested for robbery. Jacob was still the thug: in exile, he robbed the gang hunghutz under the guise of a butcher's shop. Soon on his trail came the police, and Mary away from sin left in Tomsk.

At this time the outbreak of the First World War, and Bochkareva tried to join the army — not a nurse, and a real fighter. When she was not accepted, she sent a telegram asking the king — and soon came to a positive response ... So began her martial way.

At first, the male colleagues do not take seriously a woman in uniform, but soon her bravery in battle earned her the George Cross, three medals and universal respect. Her name was "Yashka" — she chose that name in memory of his unlucky life partner. After two injuries and countless battles Mary was promoted to the rank of senior non-commissioned officer.

It was incredible fame and prestige. Both white and red persuaded her to stand on their side. Her image of "Russian Joan of Arc" and then painstakingly long overcome by Soviet propaganda, relegating its role in history. This took part Mayakovsky his contemptuous lines of "propose new procedures bochkarevskih" stupidly tried to defend the last residence of the Provisional Government in the October Revolution night ...

However, her personality and destiny worthy of attention and interest, Yes, a simple peasant, only at the end of life by studying the basics of literacy, it was possible for his short lifetime to meet with top officials not only of their country (the head of the Provisional Government , the two supreme commander of the Russian army — Brusilov and Kornilov) but also in other states. Bochkarev officially accepted U.S. President Wilson and the English King .

She's got a tough time. Despite the fact that no clear evidence of its "counter-revolutionary activities" was not, and against the Reds Bochkareva not at war, she was shot May 16 in 1920. She was only 31 th year ...